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The extensive objective of National Survey and Research (NSR) is accomplished by formulating rules, establishing schemes, strategies and policies for occupation, education, healthcare, provision of basic goods, housing, etc. When the State cannot directly aid its citizens, it contributes through indirect modes to satisfy its citizens and safeguard them. National Survey and Research plays a pivotal role in the economic growth and sufficiency of the country.

Ambitions of National Survey and Research (NSR) continuously determination for the achievement of

1.    Economic justice for the citizens of India via State-run institutions to minimise inequalities of income.

2.    Striving to minimise inequalities in income, status, opportunity and facilities. The State shall not only ensure individuals’ attainment of these policies but also on societal, occupational or community standards.

3.    Directing policies to secure equal livelihood and equal pay for people regardless of their gender, appropriate distribution of ownership and control of material resources in the most productive manner, to take measures to ensure proper allocation of wealth and avoid concentration of wealth in the hands of a few, and to ensure that citizens are not forced to work in unsuited jobs out of economic necessity. 

4.    Establishing a legal system that provides free legal aid so that justice is not hindered due to economic incapabilities or disabilities.

5.    So far as the State is economically capable, it shall make provisions conferring the right to work, right to education and provide its assistance in cases of unemployment.

6.    Ensuring by the way of legislations or economic organisations that workers or all sectors receive a living wage, safe work conditions and shall hold a decent standard of life. Cottage industries shall also be promoted in the rural areas, either individually or on a co-operative basis.

7.    Making endeavours to provide free and compulsory education for all children till they attain the age of fourteen years. This is now a fundamental right under Article 21 of the Indian Constitution. 

8.    Endeavour to organise agriculture and animal husbandry on modern and scientific lines.

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