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I hereby declare that all statements as mentioned in this application are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand that in the event of any particulars or information given above being found false or incorrect, or if at any stage it is found that I do not possess the prescribed qualification/experience for the post, my candidature will be rejected ab-initio and I will not have any right to attend the interview nor will have the right to claim travelling expenses for attending the interview. If any shortcoming(s) is/are detected even after appointment, my services may be terminated. I also certify that I am not facing any charge of, nor have ever been convicted for, any act of moral turpitude or economic offence. I am also aware that all correspondence to the candidates will be only through email ID provided by me. I have clearly read and understand all the terms and conditions and I have agreed for the same. I have no rights for any objections toward this post and related advertisement

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