National Survey and Research - Mission 2024


The mission 2024 for the National Survey and Research (NSR) derives from the fact that official survey and research program is a public good and an essential part of development infrastructure. NSR will play a crucial role in coordinating and harmonizing the metadata for research programs available in the country using technological interventions.

The mission 2024 has been formulated to provide a holistic, coherent and comprehensive framework for improving the national survey and research system, thereby delivering official research program in the country in a reliable and sustainable manner. It also aims to bridge the identified data gaps by providing data on a real time basis via user-friendly platforms to government and private bodies with extensive use of technology for the research programs and processes. The reform measures will address the institutional, organizational and technical challenges being faced in the present system.

The five-year vision of NSR is envisaged as :- National Survey and Research - Mission 2024

"Strengthen India's national survey system to provide real-time inputs for
  policy and stronger dissemination practices for public."



National Survey and Research - Vision 2024

The survey reform initiatives being undertaken by NSR will be achieved through a Mission Mode approach with aggressive timelines for repositioning itself to be at the vanguard for providing data for rule making policies and interventions. NSR has identified key drivers for reinvigorating the National Survey System for data driven interventions for measuring the progress of the country's goal of achieving USD 5 trillion economy by 2024 and with enhanced ease of living. These drivers are based on the following strategies
Strategy I: Strengthening Institutional Framework
Strategy ll: Strengthening Technological and Physical Infrastructure
Strategy Ill: Effective Human Capital Management

The motivation for transformation of the research program and processes will be the United Nation Generic Research Process Model (UNGRP). 
There are more than 50 developing and developed countries that have adopted this model in conjunction with other transformational models to improve efficiency and relevance in national survey and research program.

It may be seen that the thrust of the transformation is not merely focussed on improved statistical operations in census, surveys and administrative data, which are traditional sources of research information. In fact, new/alternate data sources emanating from Big Data have potential to come with lower cost and can lead to more timely and granular statistics. However, there are still issues that hinder exploiting such data, such as potential of bias, coverage, uncertainty about accuracy of user-generated contents, difficulty of coordination with data holders. Privacy regulations and social license. These need to be addressed through an effective policy framework.

National Survey and Research Implementation Approach

The implementation framework to achieve Vision 2024 of NSR will involve

mobilizing critical drivers of transformation including institutional, legal and policy framework, IT strategy, Human Capital Management, creating quality consciousness, innovation and R&D, and enhanced user engagement with appropriate dissemination strategy.

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