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National Survey and Research (NSR)

National Survey and Research (NSR) is an organisation to dispense data accumulation for contemplates survey. NSR conducts, supervise, oversee and publishes surveys and research to everyone specially concern government departments, public bodies, private associations and individual. NSR Recruits specialised skilled expert personnel staff for various exploration, survey analysis and Research. NSR provide training by highly trained qualified experienced trainer for survey methodology. The economic and socio economic growth of any country is depends upon state and federal policies and decisions made by central and state government of country.

·           The National Survey and Research (NSR) is responsible for conduct of large scale sample surveys in diverse fields on All India basis. Primarily data are collected through nation-wide household surveys on various socio-economic subjects such as Agriculture survey, Educational Surveys, Consumer Price Index CPI), Sustainable Development Growth (SDG), Unemployment Surveys,  Annual Survey of Industries (ASI), etc. Besides these surveys, NSR collects data on rural and urban prices and plays a significant role in the improvement of crop statistics through supervision of the area enumeration and crop estimation surveys.  It also maintains a frame of urban area units for use in sample surveys in urban areas. 
The NSR has four Divisions:

·           Survey Design and Research Division (SDRD): This Division is responsible for technical planning of surveys, formulation of concepts and definitions, sampling design, designing of inquiry schedules, drawing up of tabulation plan, analysis and presentation of survey results.

·           Field Operations Division (FOD): This Division is responsible for the collection of primary data for the surveys undertaken by NSR.

·           Data Processing Division (DPD): The Division, at various places, is responsible for sample selection, software development, processing, validation and tabulation of the data collected through surveys. Price and Wages in Rural India collected through schedule 3.01(R) is being processed. In addition, DPD is also processing the data of Periodic Labour Force Survey (PLFS). Industrial Statistics Wing (IS Wing), DPD, NSR is responsible for sample selection, data processing, validation and tabulation of the Annual Survey of Industries(ASI) data collected through a dedicated web-portal.

·           Survey Coordination Division (SCD): This Division coordinates all the activities of different Divisions of NSR. It also brings out the bi-annual journal of NSR and organizes National Seminars on the results of various Socio-economic surveys undertaken by NSR.

·           National Surveys and Research plays very pivotal role while making any kind of policies, decisions and planning strategies.

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